Random Thoughts from PVSD Ed Tech


Digital Learning Leaders (DLL)
Technology Embedded Curriculum Leaders (TEC Leaders)
Engaged Learning Leaders (ELL)
Technology Engaged Learning Leaders (TELL)
21st Century Learning Leaders (21CLL)
Ed Tech Leaders (ETL)

Job Description

affect change
21st century learning
digital natives/ digital immigrants (use for a good opening activity)
responds to learner’s needs
no containers
critical thinking

Teachers designated as insert name here have an exciting and important role in Prairie Valley schools.

The emergence of technology and the world wide web has radically altered learning in the 21st century. Students are interacting with people from all around the world online. Their audience is no longer confined to their peers, family and teachers – students are publishing to the world on blogs, wikis, podcasts, through myspace and facebook and in Second Life.

Need some sentences or statistics about how, what or when to back up our claim.
- Visual learning
- Global connections
- Publish to the world
- Time online
- Neuroplasticity
- Multi-tasking

Teachers in our school division require information about these changes and support to respond in their classroom.

The insert name here is a school based leader of educational technology that is responsible for working collaboratively with teachers and students to affect change in learning and teaching.

The insert name here will be supported by PVSD Educational Technology Consultants though regular face to face and online meetings and workshops.

The first event for the insert name here will be on September 23rd, 2007.

Administrators please share the names of your insert name here with Keith Harkness, Kelly Ireland or Michelle Faucher (perhaps Susan McNaughton) by September 15th, 2007.

Create a single email address for the team edtech@pvsd.ca.
Create a registration form online for administrators to enter the name of Ed Tech Leader for each school.

Technology Teachers Meeting Plan
September 13th, 2007

1. Welcome teachers and introduce one another (30 mins)

2. Share and name and job description (20 mins) - vision of what TT will do
  • Why are we here?
  • Some motivation - Woodward video
  • Where are we now? Where do we want to be?
  • ie. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 trends
  • Focus on education

3. Build shared understanding (20 mins)
  • Choosing a focus - an agent of change in a variety of contexts, all levels, all teachers, all students
  • Collaboration
  • Visual learning - what is it? some stats, etc.

4. Describe and define technology engaged learning (30 mins)
  • examples
  • non-examples
  • scenario
  • tools (PowerPoint, PhotoStory, Movie Maker)

5. Work in groups to develop lesson/activity to completed with one other teacher and one other class (30 mins)

6. Share expectations for application of new learning and development (10 mins)

7. Discuss process for social networking (10 mins)

8. Conclude meeting (10 mins)

EdTech Meeting - Thursday, September 13th

9:00 - 10:00 Introductions

1 Google Earth Tour
2 Me in Four Pictures
3 Verbal Introduction/Text Introduction

4 Introduce yourself - Name and school and one piece of hardware or software that personifies or tells us more about you

10:00 - 11:00 The Big Picture

Objectives for the day

Woodward Video
Role of EdTech Teacher - YOU play a key role in transforming the old classroom in the new, 21st c. classroom
...speaking of 21st. Century - our mission and vision for EdTech in a few minutes

PVSD EdTech Overview
What is EdTech?
Mission and Vision - students who are
Initiatives for the Year - notice, in the spirit of EdTech, they do not focus on technology

Innovation in Teaching and Learning
- Innovation Grants
- Subscriptions
- Tech Quests

Professional Development
-PD Academy
-EdTech Teachers
-September 21st PD Day

-Peripherals Kits
-Video Editing
-Roll Out Plan

Policies and Procedures

School Contacts - Keith, Kelly and Michelle

11:00 -12:00 Introductory GPS Activity

A Hide and Seek for Flashdrives

Each wristband is numbered with a Sharpie.
We hide the wristbands - record each set of coordinates for each wristband (36 or so)
Each group of 2 must find 2 wristbands (or 3 if groups of 3)
When they return with their correctly numbered wristband, they get a flashdrive
(we may write their name on the flashdrive so they don't have to carry them around)
Then, they take the wristbands that they just found and hide them, creating a waypoint with the GPS (rename the waypoint with the number of the wristband)
Then, they return, find a partner group to switch GPS units with, and venture out to find the wristbands.
Then they return and we are done in time for lunch.

1:00 - 3:00

B Tour of Wolseley
- locate 15 places
- take pictures at each of the locations
- search for more information about the locations
- prepare a presentation with pictures
- share movies with other participants
- save movies on flashdrives
- post movies on YouTube

C Area and Perimeter Activity
- find the area and perimeter of a given place in Wolseley

2:30 - 3:30 Conclusion

Introduce ongoing regular communication
Reminder about PD Academy, TechQuests, etc.
What kind of subject areas, learning objectives were targetted in today's activity? Talk at your table
What did you learn in this activity? How is this experience different from traditional learning? Is it more or less effective in achieving curriculum objectives? What is EdTech? Blog your answers. - groups of 4 or so
Need to type the questions in ahead of time at the blog.

Housekeeping - Future Meetings - March 6 meeting in particular with Literacy Training

Need to have Microsoft PhotoStory, Google Earth installed
Need to make sure flashdrives work in computers
Need to take their picture - then maybe the next day we can do the celebrity face recognition game
Need nametags
Good snack