Watch Bobby Cox ejected from a game to tie the all-time record!

8:30-9:30 Murphy 1- Return of the Gadgets
10:30-11 B311-NASA Toys in Space
11-12 B305-Integrate Technology in Elem Curric. (full)
12:30-1:30 B207-Integrating GIS Activities into MS Content Areas
2-3 B305 Windows MovieMaker & PhotoStory Tips & Tricks

11-12 B211 SMART Boarding 101
12:30-1:30 B305 Global Awareness Through Geotagging
2-3 B217 Amazing Animation-3D Graphics in the Classroom

8:30-9:30 Vendors
10:30-11:30 B313/314 Beginner’s Guide to Possibilities of GPS Use in the Classroom
11:30-1:30 Vendors
1:30-2:30 B201 This is NOT Your Grannies Classroom!
2:45-4:00 Murphy Closing Keynote Dr. Tim Tyson

8:30-9:30 Murphy 1- Return of the Gadgets - Leslie Fisher
NECC link
Snagit-great for screenshots & makes videos
Squeeze-compresses video
Trillian-lM compiler
FontReserve-saves & manages fonts w/o stealing sys resources for fonts
NovaDevt. Art Explosion-mostly vector graphics (resizable without losing resolution) a weekly subscription, download as much as you want photos
Digital Cameras
Canon Powershot TX1-very powerful
Sony DSCT100-very small & powerful
Memory cards make a difference (Lexar Pro & SanDisk Extreme 3)
Get a card reader-USB style online service & makes it easy for downloading mgmt.
Lexar lmage Rescue-can save images from wrecked cards
SourdSticks 2-great speakers
TiVo & Slirgbox-great features coming (recording & remote access)
Logitech Harmony 890-automatically sets up for home theatre w. USB
iPod-work really well as backup hd & voice recorder
iTTUSB-turntable for computer
lPhone-only compatable w. certain companies
Keyboard of light-for any Bluetooth device
High Speed wireless cards
USB phone charger-Keyspan
Keyspan USB remote
Solio-solar powered battery & for bags
Out There posters
Magellan Maestro-hooked up w. AAA & national traffic reports
TomTom-funny voices

10:30-11 B311-NASA Toys in Space
NECC Program link
Handouts available at booth
  • Video conferencing for education
  • Many services available (robotics)
  • Toys in Space is a module (gr. 5-8)
· students get 4 toys & predict how they will peform in space (there is a DVD available)
· 4 objects: Paper Boomerang/ Kendama/ Jump Rope/ Soccer Ball
1-describe toy
2-observations of how toy works
3-will toy work
4-predict (then we see video)
5-how do you engineer it to work

12:30-1:30 B207-Integrating GIS Activities into MS Content Areas
NECC Program link
Download presentation
Theme: Teach students to think Spatially
  • Spatial thinking goes way beyond geography. It’s about decision-making
  • Big growth area for careers
  • GIS is a data base connected to maps
  • ArcExplorer-mini version good for upper elem. & MY students (free)
· can put plot points from a GPS
  • Presenter has a S&S in draft
    • Has activities already developed (have math activities built in)

2-3 B305 Windows MovieMaker & PhotoStory Tips & Tricks
NECC Program link (multi handouts available)

Motivational set: videos (Chicago, Changes, Drums)

Theme: Video has power for kids!!!

Organize your media first; don’t pull it from all over the place
Use “Collections” to see individual clips/photos
Check Microsoft for clips (like 5-4-3-2-1 countdown) creative commons license for clips
Remember you can record your own audio onto MovieMaker
· Cheap, easy to use, common
· Doesn’t count in frames
· Doesn’t do well with motion (panning/zooming in and out)
· FIX-Take pictures you want “motioned”, use PhotoStory to make a simple file and import into MovieMaker
Audio/Music on timeline
· FIX- Audacity
Text is limited
· FIX- See below (Word or even PowerPoint)

Don’t forget to use “Customize Motion” (“Ken Burns” effect)
Narrating automatically makes the images last longer (for better or worse)
Copyright friendly music made by program is better than Freeplay (not really free)
Can use “Settings” to mess with how large the final product is
· Very easy
· Motion feature great (time saver)
· Handles up to 300 pictures (at least)
· Only still shots, no video
· Limited titles
o FIX-use Word, create text the way you want it (spacing, color, styles, etc.). Take a screen shot of the final product and drop it into a graphics program (he used Irfanview) and crop what you want. Then “save as” an image. Import it and add motion as wanted. YOU STILL CAN’T PUT THE WORDS OVER AN IMAGE!
· Limited audio
o FIX-Use Audacity to create the audio file

Other Tips
Use “Envelope Tool” (number 2, beside regular pointer) to change audio levels in Audacity (not just fade in or out)

NEXTVISTA.ORG- check this for videos that you can use to explain “stuff” to kids with. Kids make the videos and submit ‘em. converts mov to wmv converts YouTube videos to wmv or mov or whatever cool site with video for Google Earth

11-12 B211 SMART Boarding 101
NECC Program link
Presenter link (includes link to presentation)
Great set of audio clip of funny answering machine message
Presenter is FULL of . . . . energy! “I want a ballroom!!!”
Tips and Tricks
  • Don’t use tools learn short cuts (drag windows to you, etc.)
  • draw circles around stuff then tap to erase it all
  • “pen up pen down”, shortcut to become the mouse
  • Clone tool- very powerful
  • floating tool bar- create your own with all the tools you use
  • tons of good stuff in the software (explore)
  • remember you can add your own content to your screen
  • get whatever content your students need/use/create onto the SMARTboard
  • Use layering to draw complex designs
  • SMART aware programs (MSWord, Excel) sync really well with SMARTboards
  • Use recording software for lots of things (subs-second teacher-doc. student progress-remediation-etc)
The presenter proposed to his girlfriend . . . YES! One of the most memorable presentations I’ve ever been to!

12:30-1:30 B305 Global Awareness Through Geotagging
NECC Program link
Presentation link (notes only for now, PPT coming soon)
Set-Talked about the CNN tour, compared the map on the floor to what we’re going to do (uh-oh!)

Google Earth Integration- full integration requires subscription ($20?)
  • Get a yahoo account so you can log into Flickr
(they should have told everyone to do this ahead of time)
  • Upload some pictures to Flickr
  • “Description” of picture means nothing, “tag” is important

Can use just a city name for a tag? Yes, but longitude and latitude do a better job of that.
  • Use GoogleEarth and find the spot, look for the numbers at the bottom of the screen (need to be in decimals to work, set this in preferences)
  • Use a GPS unit and take readings that correspond to where the picture was taken (take a picture of the GPS readings at the same time you take the regular photo)
  • MS Streets and Trips also does this (costs $)
  • Use the “Map” feature inside Flickr to place photos

Back to procedure:
  • Upload the images with updated tags (lat= long= “geotagged”)
  • Go to and get an account (need flickr first)
  • Add tagged pictures to account (tag them onto a map on Flickr, less complicated than the method they described)
  • Click on “Get Map”
  • Copy and paste code onto any web page and map w. pic’s will show up!

Audience member said is another

2-3 B217 Amazing Animation-3D Graphics in the Classroom
NECC Program link
Presentation link
3D graphics hasn’t penetrated like other software has
  • Hard to use
  • Intimidating
  • Expensive
Good Solution-COOL 3D Production Studio (Ulead)
  • Lathe tool is especially powerful
  • Presenter spent rest of presentation showing tools and examples

Essentially an ad for this software